TENUTE SELVA DOLCE, estate in Liguria, Italy.

OWNER | Aris Blancardi (+39 349 2225844) took over the family farm, and converted to Biodynamics (see below).

ESTATE VINEYARDS | 7,000-9,000 vines/ha (bush vines and guyot)

BIODYNAMICS | Aris Blancardi enrolled on a horticultural course having taken over the farm where he was lectured by Nicolas Joly and Xavier Florin. 2012 Using 500P. 501. No tea or compost. Cover crops from a mix of seeds. 2013 Member of CoViBio (Leonello Anello group). 2019 Member of Renaissance des Appellations.



PIGATO, CRESCENDO2010 Vino da Tavola. | 2011 Some mercaptan at Vinitaly 9th April 2013.

RIVERA LIGURE DI PONENTE, RUCONTU | 2009 Pigato. Vines planted in 1975. Some skin contact. Nice depth at RAW, London Sunday/Monday 20-21st May 2012.

RIVERA LIGURE DI PONENTE, VB1 | V = Verementino, B = barrel, for fermentation and ageing. | 2009 No temperature control. No stainless steel. Nice and earthy at RAW, London Sunday/Monday 20-21st May 2012.


ROSSO SE…| Vino da Tavola. A Rossese di Dolceacqua DOC potentially but suspecting his wine would not pass the DOC tasting taste the owner declassified it to a table wine and called in ‘red, if…which in Italian sounds similar to Rossese. | 2010 Interesting plum vanilla and cranberry at Vinitaly 9th April 2013.


Tenute Selva Dolce, Via Selva Dolce, 14 | I-18012 Bordighera (IM = Imperia), Italy | Tel+39 0184.262223 | www.selvadolce.it