Susumaniello is a red wine grape native to Italy.

Also called: Somarello, Susumariello Nero and Zingariello.

Where grown: Puglia, mainly in the countryside around Bari and Brindisi. It is usually blended with Negro Amaro. Monovarietal wines are rare; they are allowed in the DOC wines Brindisi and Squinzano.

Viticulture: Medium sized bunches and berries. Very high vigour and productivity (especially in the first 10-15 years).

Wine style: ‘Susumaniello has a distinct balsamic cherry note in the fruitiness,’ Ole Udsen told me (14th June 2015). It can be used as a minor blending partner in wines made from Negro Amaro. Rude and tannic when young. With six to eight years of bottle age it softens and becomes smooth and stylish. It is characterized by plenty of dark-cherry and plum aromas and flavours.


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