Sir Patrick Holden is a leading figure in the organic and Biodynamic movement in his native United Kingdom and beyond.

Holden quotes a comment HRH Prince Charles the Prince of Wales made in his address to the Harmony Conference organised by the Sustainable Food Trust (an organisation founded by Holden) and held in Llandovery, West Wales in 2017. Prince Charles suggested that ‘we cannot separate who we are from what we do.’

Holden says that ‘this simple statement is a timely reminder, as we bear witness to the disatrous impact of our industrialised food systems on the environment and public. It follows that if we are to stand any chance of repairing the damage that has been inflicted on our long suffering planet before it is too late to avoid some Gaian readjustment, our ability to put things right will depend on the quality of our actions. And this in turn will be related to our degree of being and mindfulness, rather than the mere cleverness of our intellect, which arguably has been the principle contributor to the mess we are in.’


Sir Patrick Holden, ‘Dear Members and Friends…,’ Star and Furrow 128 (January 2018), p.7.