SIDEREAL MOON, a much-discussed celestial cycle which was popularised in the modern era by Maria Thun, leading to the creation of the terms Root day, Leaf day, Flower day and Fruit day. The idea behind this is, in the words of Ian Bailey, the Moon ‘opens a gateway from each constellation for a particular element force (earth, water, light, heat). And that element enhances a particular aspect of plant growth: earth/root, water/leaf, air/flower and fire/fruit and seed if the soil around the plant is cultivated then and sown with seed. The cultivation aspect is key, says Bailey, because hoeing or turning the soil brings air into it and air is 79% Nitrogen, an element Rudolf Steiner said was the ‘bearer of sensation’ because it ‘knows’ very well what comes from the stars (constellations) and works itself out in the life of plants. Nitrogen is the “sensitive mediator”, mediating the element quality into the soil and thus the plant, implanting itself in the seed in the moment of chaos, meaning when the seed is sown and the earth is turned. Thus, and for the life of that plant either its root, leaf, flower or fruiting quality is enhanced and emphasised.


Ian Bailey, ‘Auspicious sowing days – the cosmic aspect,’ Star and Furrow 125 July 2016, p22-24