Seyval Blanc | White wine grape variety, an interspecific crossing (hybrid) bred for its resistance to fungal disease organisms (see PIWIs). 

Will Davenport of Davenport Vineyards in England says ‘Seyval blanc yields prolifically, but often leaves room for improvement in sugar and flavour parameters. With careful management it can make acceptable and even good wine, but often the grower plants this variety because of its low management needs and high yield – not a route to quality wine. I argue that Seyval Blanc actually requires more management [yield control] than most Vitis vinifera vines, if it is to be used for making good wines. I think the English wine industry would benefit if less Seyval Blanc is grown, rather than see more people planting this variety.’

Another wine grower from England, Peter Hall of Breaky Bottom cautions against believing Seyval Blanc is the definitive white wine grape variety for the damp autumnal growing conditions in the United Kingdom, saying ‘Seyval Blanc has worked, that’s all.’

Wine style | ‘Sappy, grapefruit-edged, with age can give a passable imitation of bone-dry Chablis,’ (Oz Clarke 2015, p).


Oz Clarke, Oz Clarke Wine A-Z (Pavilion, 2015).