Serrig is a municipality in the Trier-Saarburg district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is the uppermost wine village in the Saar region of Germany whose vineyards, are ‘only about a century old but are among the best in the valley,’ says Stuart Pigott (1995, p.36). Historically the Riesling here was used as a base for sparkling wines (Sekt), its naturally high acidity a reflection of difficult ripening conditions. When fully ripe, the Riesling can be outstanding. The main estate here is the State Domain (Staatlichen Weinbaudomänen). See also Irsch.

Vineyard sitesSerriger Schloss Saarfelser Herrenberg. | Serriger Schloss Saarfelser Schlossberg. | Serriger Schloss Saarfelser Vogelsang. | Serriger Schloss Saarfelser Wurzburg. | Serriger Schloss Saarstein.

Landmarks: A local steelworks.


No certificationBert Simon. | Schloss Saarstein. | Staatlichen Weinbaudomänen.


Stuart Pigott, The Wine Atlas of Germany and the Traveller’s Guide to the Vineyards (Mitchell Beazley, 1995).