Sébastien Bobinet is an estate wine-grower in the Saumur region of the Loire Valley, France. He produces wines under the Saumur Blanc AOC and the Saumur-Champigny AOC.

Organic certification2015 No (source: Agence Bio).

Sparkling wines

Du Rififi à Beaulieu: ‘A sparkling pinky red,’ (Isabelle Legeron MW: 2014, p.183).

White wines

Saumur Blanc AOC, Les Gruches: 2014 Chenin Blanc. 20mg/l total sulphites (RAW 2015).

Red wines

Saumur Rouge AOC

Saumur-Champigny AOC, Amateüs Bob: 2013 Wet vintage. No added sulphites (Source: RAW 2015).

Saumur-Champigny AOC, Hannah: 2012 Slightly fizzy at ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Artisanal Wines’, VinItaly 24th March 2015.

Saumur-Champigny AOC, Ruben: 100% Cabernet Franc. Batches can be bottled with or without sulfites in the same vintage. | 2013 No added sulphites. Palid pinky red, anise and brett, drying out (RAW 2015).


Domaine Sébastien Bobinet

315 Route de Saumur, F-49400 Saumur, France | +33 (0)