Scansano is a commune in Grosseto province in south-west coastal Tuscany. Scansano gives its name to the Morellino di Scansano DOCG red wine. The Bianco di Pitigliano white wine can also be made in the town. Scansano lies at an altitude of 1,640 feet. Its historic centre contains medieval houses, some of which have 14th- or 15th-century portals.

Tourism: The square Piazza Garibaldi in Scansano has a statue of Garibaldi who is said to have asked for Morellino wines when he was recruiting volunteers. Walk from Piazza Garibaldi along Via Vittorio Emanuele. [Vittorio Emanuele Maria Alberto Eugenio Ferdinando Tommaso di Savoia (14 March 1820 – 9 January 1878) was King of Sardina from 1849 until 17 March 1861. He then assumed the title of King of Italy and became the first king of a united Italy since the 6th century, until his death in 1878. He is remembered as Father of the Fatherland (Padre della Patria). The monument Altare della Patria (or Vittoriano) in Rome was built in his honor.

Surface area: 270 km².

Terroir: Scansano is located at the north-western end of the Albegna and Fiora hills, occasionally along the Ombrone Valley. It borders Campagnatico to the north, Roccalbegna to the north-east, Manciano to the south-east, Magliano in Toscana to the south-west and Grosseto to the north-west with the municipality of Grosseto. The topography consists mainly of medium-low hills. The locality of Baccinello, at 156 metres above sea level is the lowest inhabited area in Scansano. Murci, at 598 metres, is the highest. The highest peak is Poggi Alti at 651 metres above sea level (there is a wind farm here).

Localities: Località Saragiolo.


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