Savelli | Estate in Mondavio in Pesaro and Urbino province, the oldest organic estate in Italy’s Le Marche region.

Background | Elio Savelli’s father Sesto founded the farm in 1920 and planted his first vineyards in the 1930s. Sesto sold his white wines in Fano and Pesaro. Elio, who succeeded his father died in May 2019, aged 83. His children are Luca, Laura, Lucia and Andrea.

Organic certification | 1982 Went Organic. | 2005 Certified organic (AMAB, IMC9.

Vineyards | 30-ha estate (called ‘Oasi Bellaluce’ or ‘Oasis of Beautiful Light’) on the hills of Sant’Andrea di Suasa. 4.5-ha of vines. Soil fertility was maintained via the use of cover crops. Other crops: A large plantation (over 800) of sour cherry trees. Their fruit mixed with wine was used to make a liqueur (‘visciolato’) called ‘Eliaccio’.

Spray drift | Elio Savelli ringed his estate with high hedges to prevent spray drift from neighbouring conventional farms.

White wines


Red wines

Marche Rosso, Castelsuasa | 2004 50% Sangiovese, 30% Montepulciano, 10% each Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon.

Museum | Visit (free) by appointment only. Focused on history, culture and environment. Agricultural artefacts from the 15th to the 20th century. Plows, horse-drawn cart, threshers, Italy’s only Bubba tractor (1938), 1941 Ford Military jeep.


Via Bellaluce 4, Fraz Sant’Andrea di Suasa

I-61040 Mondavio (PU = Pesaro e Urbino), Italy

Tel+39 0721.828265