Sark | See United Kingdom.

‘British crown dependency off the coast of Normandy (France). The island, which is car-free (cars are banned) was colonised in 1565. Sark was subsequently governed by a feudal constitution. ‘The island was led by the seigneur, who leased it from the crown for the princely sum of £1.79 ($2.26) a year. His rank entitled him to an 8% slice of all property transactions, as well as other perks including the sole right to keep an unspayed bitch. Forty hereditary landowners dominated the Chief Pleas, the island’s parliament. Now, however, elected commoners sit on its benches and the seigneur receives an annual stipend of £28,000. Some feudal quirks remain. An islander can take out an injunction by throwing his hat to the ground, taking a knee and reciting the Lord’s Prayer in Norman French, for instance,’ (‘Feudal feuds’, The Economist 15th December 2018, p32).

Also under Sark’s jurisdiction is the nearby islet of Brecqhou.