Azienda Agricola San Lurins | Organic estate in San Lorenzo Isontino in Gorizia province in Italy. As well as being the name of the winery, San Lurins is the Friulian term for the town of San Lorenzo Isontino, near Gorizia itself.

Owner | Marco Pecorari (+39 340 5743975 Gmail sanlurins). He studied oenology in Udine, worked on an organic fruit farm, then started overseeing the family vineyards, having taken over from his father. 

Vineyards | 4.5ha. Of this there are 3ha of Malvasia Istriana on the Isonzo plain. Planted by Marco’s father in the late-1960s. 100% grassed (mowed rather the ploughed). Also one ha of Tocai Friuliano, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc

Other crops | Cereal crops (grain, flour), fodder, fruit, beans.

Organic certification | Yes.


Azienda Agricola San Lurins

Via Gavanina, 32

I-34070 San Lorenzo Isontino (GO), Italy