San Gimignano Vin Santo (Vinsanto) DOC is a sweet white wine made from dried grapes grown in the same geographic area authorised for Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG but in its case from 30% minimum Trebbiano Toscano, up to 50% Malvasia Bianca, up to 20% Vernaccia di San Gimignano, and up to 10% any white grape authorised in Tuscany. Grape yields are set at 10 tonnes per hectare (4 tons per acre). 

Winemaking: The shrivelled grapes must be pressed between 1st December and 31st March following the harvest. Their juice must ferment and age in wooden casks no bigger than 250-litres. The wine can be sold from 1st November in the third year after harvest, or in the fourth year for Riserva. The wine must have a minimum potential alcohol of 16.5%, and a minimum actual alcohol level of 14.5%. The maximum level of volatile acidity is 1.6g/l. The minimum level of dry extract is 21g/l. 

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Certified organic: Le Fornaci Azienda Agricola (San Gimignano). | Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara (San Gimignano). | Signano (San Gimignano).

No certificationFattoria di Pietrafitta (San Gimignano).