Saint-Péray AOC is located in the southernmost part of Northern Rhône Valley in France. It lies on the west bank of the Rhône, opposite Valence. Production is mainly a far from widely known traditional method white sparkling wine made from Marsanne and Roussanne described as ‘a heavy-duty sparkler of almost sticky texture, even when it is dry, nutty with age,’ by Hugh Johnson (Wine Companion: 1991, p.194). A small amount of still white wine is also made.

Communes: (2): Saint-Péray. | Toulaud.

Vineyard area & wine production: 2002 2,110hl from 59ha (Guide Hachette: 2004, p.1043).

Terroir: A mix of granite, pebbles and Cornas limestone on the Montagne de Crussol (Andrew Jefford: The New France, 2006, p.133). Part of the vineyard area is terraced.


Saint-Péray Mousseux AOC: St Péray mousseux is a traditionally made sparkling white, historically said to be one of Franc’s most famous sparklers after Champagne. Locals claim Parsifal owes much of its brio to Richard Wagner’s drinking of Saint Péray mousseux.

Saint-Péray Nature AOC: The still version.


No certification: Thierry Allemand