RUTH LEWANDOWSKI WINES is a winery in Utah in the United States founded by Evan Lewandowski. He named his winery after Ruth, his favorite book in the Bible, which some see as being a message about the acceptance to outsiders. Mr Lewandowski specialises in natural wines. He gives this explanation of natural wine on his website (retrieved Sunday 12 August 2018):

Natural wine is the true expression of the land by way of a grapevine. I’m not interested in debating exactly WHAT natural wine is. People get all up tight about numbers and definitions in the wine world. It tends to be easier explaining exactly what natural wine is not. It is not industrially farmed with the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and fungicides and fertilizers. It isn’t an industrially produced beverage product through employing unnecessary amounts of sulphur, without cultured ‘designer’ yeast and/or bacteria strains, and the myriad of other techno cellar wizardry products we have at our fingertips these days. No acid additions, no sugar, no water, no tannin, no filtration for filtration’s sake, etc etc. Insomuch as it is possible, I strive to produce wine made of SOLELY grape juice. That is, to me, the true expression of the land via the grapevine.

Yet spray schedules of grapes Mr Lewandowski has sourced from Mendocino County in California for example appear to show conventional farming practices are being used (if this is incorrect please provide documentation from growers of their organic bona fides.) One of the estates he regularly sources from in Mendocino uses Rally, a conventional fungicide, whilst others use a popular brand of herbicide.