Rossese Bianco is a white wine grape native to Italy. Rossese Bianco is so named for both its white grape and the white wine it produces.

Where grown: Piemonte, Liguria: there is more than one grape called Rossese Bianco (but the National Registry officially lists only the Piedmontese one). In Piedmont, a Rossese Bianco variety grows near Monforte, Sinio and Roddino (in the province of Cuneo). Langhe DOC is the only DOC wine in which the grape can be used. There are some Ligurian table wines with Rossese Bianco di San Biagio.

Viticulture: Medium-large sized bunches, with small berries. Quite vigorous; on average resistance; productivity very dependent on the season.

Wine style: The piedmontese Rossese Bianco will remind you a little of Vermentino, but with more flesh to the delicate fruit aromas and flavors (ripe citrus, nectarine) and stronger herbal nuance with less salinity than those from Liguria, that are leaner and fresher, with more floral and saline nuances.


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