Rossara is a red wine grape native to Italy. Also called Rossera.

Where grown: Now found exclusively in Trentino, close to the border with Alto Adige. There are no DOC wines and few monovarietal wines, as Rossara is almost always blended with Teroldego and/or Negrara Trentina. There are few monovarietal Rossara labeled as an IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti.

Viticulture: Large bunches with medium berries. Very vigorous, it has a regular, dependable and abundant productivity; late ripening which makes it sensitive to botrytis bunch rot.

Wine style: Rossara provides the somewhat rustic and heavy Teroldego wines with a touch of aromatic spiciness and freshness. The wine has a very pretty, clear, dark pink hue and exudes aromas of fresh small red berries, lemon apples, plus hints of iris and jasmine; with a definite saline tinge and plenty of acidity.


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