Rosato di Carmignano DOC | This is the pink version of the Carmignano DOCG red wine. It is made in the same delimited geographic area and from the same blend and yield (10 tonnes per hectare) as authorised for Barco Reale di Carmignano DOC: 50-100% Sangiovese, 0-20% Canaiolo, and 10-20% Cabernet Franc and/or Cabernet Sauvignon. Rosato di Carmignano is a wine of ancient Carmignanese tradition and its history is linked to local sharecropping, whereby Carmignano Rosato is also referred to locally as ‘Vinruspo’. This latter name derived from ‘vin ruspo’ meaning ‘stolen’ from the Italian verb ruspare, to steal. Under the mezzadria (tenant farmer or share cropper) system the share croppers did not deliver the last picking of the day but could keep it at home until the following morning. The grapes were transported to a wooden vat and crushed to allow a larger quantity to enter (the complete pressing and destemming took place in the cellar). Thus some must or juice formed at the bottom of the vat. The last trip of the day stopped in the farmyard to be taken to the farm the next morning. It was common practice for sharecroppers to tap one or two demijohns of lightly coloured free run juice before the trip to the fermentation vat (hence the name “Vin Ruspo” or “free-range” or “stolen” wine). Over time this small theft of the lightly coloured free run juice at the bottom which the farmers would keep for themselves became a sharecropper’s right.


Certified organic | Fattoria Ambra.

No certification | Podere Alloco