Rootstock Sydney (Sydney, Australia) is a not-for-profit festival of natural food and wines (see natural wine fairs) made with organic, biodynamic, sustainable and minimal intervention. It was created by Giorgio De Maria, Mike Bennie, James Hird, Linda Wiss and Matt Young. Its first incarnation took place in February 2013. For 2014 it had to move to a bigger venue called the Carriageworks and the festival took place over two days with 13,550 people attending. The 2014 event expanded its wine program with more international, Australian and New Zealand producers in tow. Rootstock had 69 winegrowers showcasing some 250-plus wines. Guest speakers at Rootstock Sydney 2014 included Alice Feiring (USA) and Giovanni Bietti (Italy). Rootstock Sydney was held again in 2015 and 2016.