respekt-BioDyn e-book project

a) Contents

  1. Introduction | What is the book about. What is respekt-BioDyn. A brief introduction to Biodynamics. How is Biodynamics different to conventional, to sustainable, to organics and to ‘natural’.
  2. How this book is organised. A brief explanation of how best to use this e-book.
  3. People (the wine producers). Profiles of each wine producer. The history of the estate. The terroir. Biodynamic practices: compost, teas, preps, cover crops, pruning etc. Winemaking practices. 
  4. Places (regions, sub-regions). Profiles of Austrian regions and sub-regions and terroir (the concept) and individual terroirs relating to the respekt-BIODYN members, typical wine styles (Champagne style fizz, petillant naturel sparkling wines, nouveau styles, baked styles) and food. As far as possible I will use comments by the wine-growers to explain the region as they see it. Sometimes producers will have different interpretations of the same terroir, and this is a good thing. Everyone will have space for their views.
  5. Practices. Key technical terms for readers. Examples: Biodynamics, cover crops, wild ferment, yeast, Horn manure 500, Chamomile tea, compost, skin contact, amphora, sulfites, vegan wine, sidereal Moon cycles, Moon-opposition Sauturn, dynamizing, flow forms etc. Statistics. Biodynamics (and organics) in Austria, globally etc.

The advantage of the e-book format is it allows hyperlinks. So readers can jump around and this mean I only have to explain ‘Horn manure 500’ one time: what it is, how it is made, why it is used, what to look for in the wines…