Ramandolo DOCG is a sweet white wine made from dried Verduzzo Friulano, a local variety of the Verduzzo grape from the village of the same name in hills near Nimis in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in northeast Italy. The region, which falls within the wider Colli Orientali DOC centres on Nimis, a town of Roman origin located north of the regional capital city of Udine in the Alpine approaches near the Austrian border. Since 2001 Ramandolo has been produced as a DOCG wine.

The name: Ramandolo takes its name of the hamlet of Nimis from which this type of wine is said to originate.

Communes: Nimis. | Tarcento.

Terroir: Hilly terrain at around 400 metres above sea level centred around the Roman town of Nimis. Steep, hard to mechanise. Said to be Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s coldest wine terroir. Vines occupy south-facing sites. Relatively mild winters, fairly cool summers. Wide day-night temperature variations. Verduzzo’s thick skins gives it good resistance and makes it well-suited for drying. Wines with noticeable tannins, as well as pronounced acidity and aromatics.