Prié, or Prié Blanc is a white white grape native to the Valle d’Aosta region to Italy. It grows in some of the highest vineyards in Europe. Its name refers to its usage in Sunday Mass (‘prier’ means to pray in French). Prié is the oldest documented grape in Valle d’Aosta, parenting many other local grapes.

Wines | Valle d’Aosta: Valle d’Aosta DOC, especially in the Alta Valle, i.e. Morgex, La Salle, Valpellin and Allei.

Viticulture | Prié Blanc has a remarkable ability to withstand the Alpine cold, being the only variety planted in Alta Valle.

Wine style | Delicately floral, steely and with bright acidity, its wine called Blanc de Morgex et La Salle is one of Italy’s best light-bodied white wines, making an ideal apéritif.

Specific styles | Still dry whites are the most typical, yet sparkling and sweet wines of Prié Blanc are also made.


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