PODERE CÒNCORI is a Biodynamic vineyard in north-west Tuscany’s Garfagnana hills, in the province of Lucca (see Colline Lucchesi DOC). 

OWNER | Gabriele Da Prato. He took over from his father Luigi in 1999 (the latter did grow wine but only really for home consumption).

VINEYARDS | The vines lie around Fiattoni and Gallicano in the Garfagnana on steep slopes overlooking the Serchio river in the Tuscan Apennines. Miocene era pebbles, boulders, schist, and sandstone. / 2010, 2011, 2012 3.5 hectares (8.6 acres). 250 metres (820 feet). Single or double guyot.

COVER CROPS | Lupins, legumes (eg. beans).

BIODYNAMICS | The main BD treatments are 500P and Horn silica 501. 60-litre copper dynamiser. Sprays by hand.

CERTIFICATION | 2002 Began farming biodynamically. / 2007 First vintage with full Demeter Biodynamic certificatoin. / 2017 Still Demeter certified. | 2018 Member of Renaissance des Appellations. 

PRODUCTION | 2011 15,000 bottles.


TOSCANA BIANCO, CÒNCORI / 70% Pinot Bianco, 20% Chenin Blanc, 10% other local grapes from two small vineyards in the upper part of the estate called Selvapiana and Prete. Prete (‘priest’) once belonged to the church of Fiattone nearby. The constant breeze blowing from the Apennines and soil marked by sand and shale is said to give a white wine marked by acidity, freshness and elegance.

TOSCANA BIANCO, TRAMINER |  From the Selvapiana vineyard (see above). South-west-facing, gets breezes blowing from the Apennines nearby. Sandy soil with small quantities of clay. This Traminer should show candied fruit notes and marked acidity.


TOSCANA ROSSO, MELOGRANO | Melograno = pomegranate. / 2003 80% Syrah, 5% Ciliegiolo, 5% Carrarese (1950s) plus other local grapes. Bottled 09 Dec 2004. Bright colour, crisp, wild black fruit, rustic old vines feel (tasted at Tenuta di Argiano, Friday 25 March 2005. / 2011 7,000 bottles. Nicely taut red, tasted at La Fabbrica di San Martino, Monday 14th Oct 2013).

TOSCANA ROSSO, PINOT NOIR | 100% Pinot Noir from the Còncori and Noceto vineyards in the northern part of the estate, in a small indentation into the nearby chestnut wood, where the soil has a gravelly texture and a predominantly shaly composition. / 2011 1,500 bottles. Open topped fermented in oak vats. MLF in steel. Aged in old barrels. Unfined, unfiltered. Decent firm wild berries, evolved but still fresh at La Fabbrica di San Martino, Monday 14th Oct 2013.

TOSCANA ROSSO, VIGNA PIEZZA | Vigna Piezza is Podere Còncori’s most important vineyard. It was planted with Syrah in 1998 (3309C and planted at 80cm by 50cm with each vine having its own post. Not alberello, although this was the original idea. Small grapes. 300 metres. Steep slopes. Silica-rich loam. South south-east facing. The Serchio River creates a cool microclimate with the potential for aromatic (rather than bakey) Syrah. Vigna Piezza is only made in exceptional vintages. / 2011 1,500 bottles. Bright red cherry fruit at La Fabbrica di San Martino, Monday 14th Oct 2013. 


TOSCANA BIANCO VENDEMMIA TARDIVA | 2008 From healthy, late picked grapes which are dried before pressing.


Podere Còncori, Loc. Còncori 1, Fiattone, I-55027 Gallicano (LU = Lucca), Italy / Tel+39 0583.766374 / www.podereconcori.com