Pinella is a red wine grape native to Italy. Its name derives from ‘pigna’ or ‘pugno’, meaning “pinecone” or “fist”.

Where grown: Veneto: it can be found in the DOC Colli Euganei Pinello (min 85%) and blended with the DOC Colli Euganei Bianco.

Viticulture: Given its name, it is no surprise the bunch is medium-small and extremely compact; with medium sized berries. Pinella is an abundant and dependable producer; but botrytis bunch rot can be a big problem.

Wine style: Delicately aromatic nose of sweet spices and flowers (jasmine); it is bright and fresh on the palate with hints of pineapple and apple. The variety’s acidity is such that sparkling wines can also be made from it.


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