Pecorino is a white wine grape native to Italy. The Orlandi Contucci Ponno estate says ‘although there are references to Pecorino wine in texts dating back to the 19th century, its origin remains controversial, as it suffered following the phylloxera epidemic and was later replaced by higher-yield and therefore more profitable wine varieties. This grape variety did well in the foothills, preferring a cool but mild climate, and was most common in the land around Ascoli. The local name “Pecurì” (sheep) is due to the fact that sheep, on their way from the mountain meadows back to the villages, were keen on these grapes, whose vines were often wound around the trunks of the mulberry trees delimiting the fields.’

DOC regionsColline Pescaresi DOC (Abruzzo). | Offida DOCG (Marche). | Terre di Chieti (Abruzzo).