Paul Dolan Vineyards | Brand owned by Mendocino Wine Company in Mendocino County in California. Paul Dolan (see Dark Horse Vineyards), a former shareholder in Mendocino Wine Company, now has no link with either the Paul Dolan Vineyards brand or trademark. Mendocino Wine Co point out that reference to Paul Dolan’s name on the brand does not constitute an endorsement or sponsorship of the brand by Mr. Dolan.

In January 2017 at the Millésime Bio organic wine fair Dale Gatcum, (then) of Mendocino Wine Company told me ‘Paul Dolan Vineyards is a 12,000 case brand. In a subsequent email Dale said that the ‘organic grapes for the Paul Dolan Vineyards organic wines brand are sourced from 20-30 families growing 100% Mendocino County AVA fruit. The wines are made at Mendocino County’s oldest winery, Parducci Wine Cellars. The main market for the Paul Dolan Vineyard Organic Wines in Europe is the HoReCa trade where 95% of all Mendocino Wine Company wines are sold, with the balance of the wines being sold in independent fine wine stores.’