Pallagrello Bianco, native Italian white wine grape, member of the Pallagrello group.

Where grown | Campania: Pallagrello Bianco’s distribution is limited to northwestern Campania, in the area above Caserta (especially around the towns of Caiazzo, Castel Campagnano, and Castel di Sasso).

Viticulture | Ampelographically, Pallagrello Bianco shares many of the features of Pallagrello Nero (small, cylindrical bunches and small, round berries), but it almost always has a wing (and better botrytis resistance).

Wine style | The wine tends to be alcoholic, as the variety accumulates sugar easily. Palla- grello Bianco wines smell and taste a little like Viognier, but have better acidity (though this tends to drop very quickly as the grapes reach full maturity), and less exuberant perfume.

Key wines | Campania IGT. | Terre del Volturno IGT.


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