PALAZZO TRONCONI, estate winery located in Frosinone province at the gates of Rome, in today’s Ciociaria in the Lazio region of Italy. The wines are bottled under the Frusinate IGP.

OWNER | Marco Marocco.

BIODYNAMIC CERTIFICATION | 2018 Member of Renaissance des Appellations.

VINEYARDS | Hilly vineyards in the municipality of Arce, in the heart of the ‘Tramonti district.

WINE GRAPES | Old vines, native varities such as Lecinaro and Maturano Nero (red), Pampanaro, Capolongo and Maturano Bianco.

BIODYNAMICS | Has worked with Michele Lorenzotti on biodynamics.


FRUSINATE IGP, FATIA | Made from Malvasia Puntinata e Trebbiano.

FRUSINATE IGP, FREGALLAE | Made from Maturano, Pampanaro and Capolongo. 


FRUSINATE IGP, DONNICO | Donnicò is made from Olivella.

FRUSINATE IGP, LAUTERIE | Lauterie is made from Syrah.

FRUSINATE IGP, MOCEVO | Mócevò is made from Merlot & Sangiovese.

FRUSINATE IGP, ZITORE | Zitore is made from Lecinaro.


Palazzo Tronconi. Via Corte Vecchia, 44 – I-03032 Arce (Frosinone), Italia | Tel+39 0776 539678 |