Vinicola Palamà is an estate in the Salento region of Puglia. The Palamà Winery has been based in Cutrofiano, in Salento, since 1936. The wines are obtained from native Apulian vines cultivated in espalier or sapling: Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia Nera, Malvasia Bianca and Verdeca, are vinified alone or in blend. Ninì and his family personally take care of the vineyards, harvesting and vinification.

Owner: Michele Panama. ‘I live here. Where my father lived and where my children will live. I live in Salento, I make wine, like my father Arcangelo, who built the first cellar. I took root in a vineyard in Salento, like Negroamaro, which I no longer know how many vines my family and I have planted. I live when the sun tells me it’s time for Negroamaro and, every time I pick the ripe grapes, my father and his fatigue come to mind. When I asked why so much work and so few grapes, Arcangelo replied that the less grapes there are on the stumps, the better the wine. The wine… Once they said that mine is the best wine in the world and they even gave me a medal: that day I realized that Arcangelo was right. I stay here, in a vineyard in Salento, waiting for the sun.’

Pink wines

IGT Salento Rosato, Metiusco: 100% Negroamaro. 90 quintals per hectare. Metiusco rosé is processed with the bleeding technique: once the grapes have been processed, the crushed grapes are subjected to cryomaceration for a period ranging from 15 to 20 hours, at the end of which only the 30% of the must. A temperature-controlled fermentation follows. | 2019 100% Negroamaro. Miglior Vino Rosato or best rosé wine at 5-Star wines The Book 2020.

IGT Salento Rosato, Albarossa: 100% Negroamaro. 90 quintals per hectare. Once the rosé Metiusco has been bled, the crushed grapes left in the tank are moved inside the soft press, where our Albarossa is born. The musts obtained ferment in steel at a controlled temperature.

Red wines

IGT Salento Rosso, Mavro2009 90% Negroamaro, 10% Malvasia Nera. | 2013 100% Negroamaro. IGP Salento. 14.5% alcohol. Sappy plum. Like this. Rich, deep, savoury, ripe, wild, depth, sweet juniper fruit, southern and rich, bay leaf. But oak too, cocoanut. Good. 89 points at the Radici del Sud competition, 14th June Saturday 2015.


Vinicola Palamà

Via Armando Diaz, 6,

I-73020 Cutrofiano (LE–Lecce), Italy