Our Wine | Winery in the Kakheti region in the Republic of Georgia. It was founded in 2003 as the Prince Makashvili Cellar. The name was later changed to Chveni Gvino or Our Wine. Isabelle Legeron MW met the owners by ‘chance in 2007 at a Slow Food tasting’ which led to her making a documentary about ancient winemaking practices in Georgia and 2,000 bottles of her own wine (Isabelle Legeron, 2014, p168).

Vineyards | 5.5 hectares (13.58 acres) of estate vineyards, located in the historically well-known Kardanakhi and Bakurtsikhe districts. The best vineyards, named “Tsarapi”, “Akhoebi” and ”Uroebi”, are located in the Alazani river gorge, on the Northern slopes of the Gombori mountain ridge, 320-400 meters above sea level. The age of the vines varies from 15 to 45 years.

Biodynamic | ‘The first biodynamic vineyard in Georgia,’ (Isabelle Legeron, 2014, p.168).

Winemaking | Wine production takes place in an old style Georgian cellar using traditional Kakhetian methods. Fermentation, maceration and maturation is done in clay kvevri of different sizes which are buried into the ground


Tsarapi | 2015 100% Rkatsiteli.

Akhoebi, Rkatsiteli | 2012 ‘Rkatsiteli. Skins, pips, stems and juice left for 6 months in qvevri (or kvevri)–a large clay jar that is buried underground. 33mg/l total sulfites,’ (Isabelle Legeron: 2014, p.168). | 2015 90% Rkatsiteli, 6% Mtsvane, 4% Khikhvi.

Red wines

Akhoebi, Saperavi | 2015 100% Saperavi.


Isabelle Legeron MW, Natural Wine, An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines grown naturally (2014, Cico Books, London & New York).