Ortrugo | White wine grape native to Italy. Ortrugo was originally called Altruga, as in “other grape” (from ‘altro’ or other), considered less important than the other varieties it was blended with.

Where grown | Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia: it is especially abundant around Piacenza, in the d’Ardia, Nure, Tidone, and Trebbia valleys, but it is also found in Lombardy in the Oltrepo Pavese area. The best pure examples of Ortrugo are from the DOC wine Ortrugo (min. 90%), in the DOC Colli Piacentini Vin Santo and in the IGT wines Bianco di Castelfranco Emilia, Emilia, Forlì, Ravenna and Rubicone.

Viticulture | Large and compact bunches; medium-sized berries. Vigorous. Abundant and regular productivity.

Wine style | Ortrugo wines are always fresh, clean, and crisp. Lemony, green apple flavours, delicately herbal.


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