Nocera is a red wine grape native to Italy. Nocera was an important cultivar of northeastern Sicily (Sicilia), and used to be the main ingredient of Faro wine blends.

Where grown: In Sicily it is mostly limited to the countryside around Messina, at the island’s northeastern tip , especially between Furnari and Castanea. It is also grown sporadically in Calabria (in every province except for Cosenza). Monovarietal Nocera wines are hard to find. It can be specified as a grape in the DOC wines Sicilia, or in Sicilian DOC wines such as Faro or Mamertino and Calabria’s Sant’Anna Isola di Capo Rizzuto (blends of small amounts of Nocera with the two Nerello grapes) and in several IGT wines.

Viticulture: Medium-sized loosely packed bunches, with large berries. Vigorous, good and regular productivity, not very disease resistant.

Wine style: Full-bodied, rich, satisfying, smooth wines blessed with acidity and which can age. Typical flavours: fresh herbs, ripe red cherries, and tar.


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