Nika Bakhia | Wine producer in the Republic of Georgia. He is a Berlin-based artist who bought a small Saperavi vineyard and an abandoned cellar in Anaga, a town in the the Kakheti region.

Vineyards | 7ha (17.5 acres) of Saperavi and Rkatsiteli, plus experimental plots of Tavkveri, Khikhvi and Kakhuri Mtsvane.

White wines

2011 Rkatsiteli 7 months on skins. Amber colour, lemon flavours (RAW 2012).

Red wines

Saperavi | 2010 Kakheti. Nice tannin, not too alcoholic at RAW 2012. Vinified and matured in clay pots buried in Nika’s cellar. Approximately 10mg/l total sulfites,’ (Isabelle Legeron: 2014, p.191).



Isabelle Legeron MW, Natural Wine, An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines grown naturally (2014, Cico Books, London & New York).

RAW Wine Fair 2012, London Monday 21st May.