Nieddera is a red wine grape native to Italy. It is found in Sardegna (Sardinia) where it is one of the oldest varieties on the island. Also called Niedda Vera.

Where grown: Sardegna: it mainly grows in the Sinis area, on the western side of the island; in the countryside around Cagliari, Nuoro, and especially Oristano, on the right bank of the Tirso River. It is usually blended with other varieties in IGT wines such as Barbagia, Ogliastra, Trexenta, and Valle del Tirso.

Viticulture: Nieddera is characterized by medium-large bunches and medium-large berries. Vigorous; good disease resistant and easy to work with in the vineyard.

Wine style: Lightly tannic and savoury; delicately floral (rose, buttercup, iris) and fruity (red currant, red cherry), with an obvious saline notes.


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