Neretto di Bairo is a red wine grape native to Italy. It is also known as Neretto di San Giorgio.

Where grown: Piemonte: Mainly in Turin province, though it is also found in the provinces of Vercelli and Novara. Monovarietal wines are hard to find; it is present in the DOC Canavese (minimum 60%) and Pinerolese Ramie (where it is blended in with Avanà and Avarengo).

Viticulture: It has a large, pyramidal compact bunch and small berries. Medium vigor; pretty good and regular productivity. It is a resistant variety, but spring frosts and showers are a problem due to early flowering. It is also susceptible to millerandage.

Wine style: Lovely red fruit and grapey aromas and a nice sweet fleshiness on the long, almond finish.


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