Negretto is a red wine grape native to Italy. It is Also known as Maiolo or Morina.

Viticulture: Negretto has medium-large bunches and berries. Good vigor; regular and reliable pro- ductivity. It is very resistant to oidium (powdery mildew), while botrytis bunch rot and spring frosts are a risk.

Wine style: Delicate aromas and flavours of small red berries and sweet spices, usually with low alcohol, high acidity, and vibrant but civilized tannins.

Wines: Emilia-Romagna: today it grows all over Emilia-Romagna, especially in the provinces of Bologna and Ravenna (mainly around Forlì and Faenza). As monovarietal (at least 85%) it is allowed in some IGT wines (Rubicone and Ravenna).


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