Nascetta is a white wine grape native to Italy. It is the only white grape truly native to the Langhe are in the Piemonte (Piedmont) region of north-west Italy. Nascetta–Also known as Anascetta or Nas-cëttà–was long confined exclusively to the hamlet of Novello, better known for Barolo production Elvio Cogno and Le Strette championed its revival. The wines labeled Langhe DOC Nascetta and Langhe DOC Nas-cëtta del Comune di Novello are from the original, or classic, Novello production zone.

Wines: Piedmont: Langhe DOC Nascetta. | Langhe DOC Nascetta del comune di Novello.

Wine style: Nascetta produces semi-aromatic wines. Sauvignon Blanc-like herbal pungency when young. Balsamic minty character similar to Vermentino. Also orange, ginger, star fruit, sage and rosemary. A very saline edge makes the moderate acidity seem higher than it actually is. Nascetta seems to age well, developing honey and vanilla notes (with examples still fresh after five years).

Viticulture: Nascetta is not easy to work with. It has a vigorous canopy but is a very irregular, low yielding grape. Tight bunches make it susceptible to grey-rot in humid years. While it does not like too much sun, Nascetta does need warmth as well as sufficient diurnal differences to be successful. It is still grown mainly around Novello however plantings are expanding to other parts of Langhe.

Winemaking: Cryo-maceration is commonly used to amplify aromas.


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