Myco-Sin | Product made by Schaette GmbH, a German company, which helps reduce the need for copper-based sprays such as Bordeaux Mixture when used in alternatation with the latter (NB: MycoSin and Bordeaux Mixture are never mixed together). Myco-Sin is allowed in organics and Biodynamics, usually to counter downy mildew (peronospera). Consultant Andreas Welte says Myco-Sin is marketed as a “biological restorative with plant health promoting effects in pip fruit, stone fruit and grapes. It improves uptake of nutrients and increases biological soil activity. It hardens the epidermis (a botanical term for the outermost cell layer of plants) and cuticule (a botanical and zoological term for the tough protective covering outside the epidermis of many invertebrates and plants) of the canopy. It induces resistance to pathogens. Myco-Sin contains sulphuric clay minerals, deactivated yeast components, extracts from Equisetum arvense (common horsetail), organic wetting and sticking components. Myco-Sin can be used together with Bacillus thuringiensis, and wettable sulphur. Myco-Sin cannot be used with copper or any alkaline substance. Apply at 0.8-1.0% rate of high water volume according to canopy hectarage. Use from bud burst until harvest at 10-14 day intervals; always use before rain; reapply if >50mm rain falls in 24 hours. Myco-Sin can be used in alteration with Myco-San. Myco-Sin in 1% hydrous solution has pH 3.8.”

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