Moon conjunction Saturn, a celestial cycle which contrasts with Moon-Opposition-Saturn. When the moon and Saturn are in conjunction a ‘cancelling-out effect’ occurs, says Hugh Courtney. ‘In biodynamic or anthroposophical terms, Saturn relates to the forces of warmth,’ he says. ‘In terms of the solar system, while heat is deemed to originate from the Sun, the sphere of Saturn can be viewed as a mirror or shield which turns the warmth forces back upon the Earth. If that warmth-focusing reflective power is blocked…[by a series of occultations of Saturn by the moon] we may well be subjected to an extended cold period beginning in late spring and continuing through summer and fall…in traditional astrological terms, Saturn is viewed as the planet of limitations and boundaries. Should the Moon occultation of Saturn negate these forces of limitation, we could see an increase in earthquakes and especially volcanic activity.’


Hugh J. Courtney, ‘Occultation alert’, Applied Biodynamics 18/19 Winter 1996/Spring 1997, p.3