Montù is a red wine grape native to Italy. It is also known as Montuni.

Where grown–Emilia-Romagna: Montu grows especially in the flatlands along the Reno River, north of Bologna up to Pieve di Cento. The best wines are usually found in the IGTs Castelfranco dell’Emilia, Ravenna, Forlì, and Rubicone and in the DOC Reno Montuni (a minimum 85% Montù is required, but monovarietal wines exist).

In the vineyard: Long, cylindrical, compact medium-sized bunches and medium-small round berries. It is disease resistant overall (especially to oidium and less so to botrytis bunch rot) and grows easily.

Wine style: The wine is high in acid, very light bodied, with aromas of fresh flowers and unripe citrus fruits.


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