Montner (post-code: F-66720) is a township (‘commune’) in the Pyrénées-Orientales department in the Roussillon region of France. Montner is one of five villages within the Côtes-du-Roussillon-Villages Latour-de-France sub-appellation in Roussillon’s Agly valley. The others are Cassagnes, Estagel, Latour-de-France and Planèzes. Montner’s name derives from black mountain (Monte Negro, Montagne Noir), referring to dark soils of decomposed, flaky schists found here in which the Carignan Noir grape variety thrives. Vineyard plots are often small and planted with a mix of different varieties intermingled. The village was constructed in the C12th at the foot of a royal tower “Força Royale” or “Force Royale”.

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