Montefalco Sagrantino Passito DOCG is a dried grape red wine, the sweet wine version of Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG, a 100% Sagrantino red wine from the Montefalco region of Umbria, Italy.

Production zone: Bevagna (in part). | Castel Ritaldi (in part). | Giano dell’Umbria (in part). | Gualdo Cattaneo (in part). | Montefalco.

Yields: The base yield of grapes is 80 quintals per hectare.

Winemaking: Liu Pambuffeti of the Scacciadiavoli winery told me the yield of wine from the Sagrantino grapes, which must be allowed to shrivel after picking, causes 75% of the juice to be lost to evaporation, producing yields of 18 litres of wine per 100kg of grapes.

Ageing: The wine can be released for sale from 37 months after 01st December following the harvest.


Certified organicAntonelli San Marco.

No certification: Adanti. | Agricola Castelgrosso (Castel Ritaldi). | Cantina Dionigi. | Colle Ciocco. | La Veneranda. | Napolini. | Perticaia. | Scacciadiavoli. | Tenuta Col Falco.