Montefalco Bianco DOC is a white wine from the Montefalco region of Umbria, Italy. It is made from 50-100% Trebbiano Spoletino and 0-50% other non-aromatic white grapes authorised in Umbria.

Production zoneBevagna (in part). | Castel Ritaldi (in part). | Giano dell’Umbria (in part). | Gualdo Cattaneo (in part). | Montefalco.

Yields: The base yield of grapes is 120 quintals per hectare (12 tonnes per hectare).

Production: 2017 Montefalco Bianco DOC represented about 2.5% of the Montefalco DOC’s total production in 2017. 

Wineries: See Montefalco DOC.