Monte Giovi (original name “Monte di Giove”) is a mountainous complex it Tuscany formed by mid-mountain territories. It is located in the province of Florence on the extensions of the Apennine ridge of Monte Morello and Monte Senario, the ridge that separates the Mugello from the Valdarno and from the lower Val di Sieve. It represents the easternmost part of the Apennine ridge and is bordered to the north by the upper Valdisieve and to the south by the town of Pontassieve. Its territory is divided between the municipalities of Pontassieve and Borgo San Lorenzo and, to a lesser extent, by the municipalities of Rufina, Vicchio and Dicomano. The massif reaches its highest altitude with its peak (992 meters), but along its main ridge there are also Poggio Ripaghera (913 meters) and Monte Calvana (919 metres).