Montalcino, 2010 vintage

Comments apply to all wines coming from the town of Montalcino, not just Brunello. However the star ratings from one to five given below are those given by the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino specifically for Brunello di Montalcino DOCG.

2010 ***** (five)

2010 Growing season: Optimal spring rain. ‘Wet, cold spring. Delayed bud break,’ (Kerin O’Keefe, 2012, p.277). This wet weather created high pressure from peronospera (also called downy mildew) but the better growers had found coping strategies based on their experiences in 2008 (see Pian dell’Orino for a case study). ‘2010 was characterized by a cold summer and a long, late harvest,’ says Antonio Galloni in ‘Brunello di Montalcino 2007: A Worthy Successor to 2006’, Brunello_April_2012_Issue, published on his Vinous website. Low average seasonal temperatures. Hot, dry summer, with regular temperatures. September was marked by pleasant days and cool nights. High alcohol content, unusually high extract (Kerin O’Keefe, 2012, p.277).

‘Rain during the flowering in late May/early June resulted in abnormally low yields. The rest of the year was less eventful. Cooler temperatures and rain delayed the harvest into October for many growers,’ (Antonio Galloni).

2010 Wine style: ‘Powerful Brunellos,’ (Ian D’Agata 2016 Decanter Italy). ‘The 2010 Brunelli are rich, dramatic, sweeping wines loaded with potential. This is going to be a fascinating vintage to follow over the next few years and decades,’ (Antonio Galloni).

2010 Production: The vineyard area comprised 1,915 hectares for Brunello and 479 hectares for Rosso producing 77,965hl of Brunello and 21,962hl of Rosso respectively. Brunello yields in 2010 were 40.7 hl per hectare compared to 43hl per ha in 2009, down 5.3%.


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