Monsanto is the American company (see Agri-Businesswhich in 1974 invented the chemical glyphosate for use as a herbicide, their brand of which is called Round-Up®. The company says ‘Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides continue to be a perfect fit with the vision of sustainable agriculture and environmental protection. Their use on [the genetically modified] Roundup Ready®* crops has allowed farmers to conserve fuel and decrease the overall amount of agricultural herbicides used. Roundup Ready® Soybeans were commercialized in 1996, followed by alfalfa, corn, cotton, spring canola, sugarbeets and winter canola, which contain in-plant tolerance to Roundup® agricultural herbicides. This means you can spray Roundup agricultural herbicides in-crop from emergence through flowering for unsurpassed weed control, proven crop safety and maximum yield potential,’ (Monsanto’s website 2013.)