Minetti Ornella, producer in the Campania region of Italy making wines under the Greco di Tufo DOCG and red wines under the Taurasi DOCG and Aglianico Irpinia DOC

Owner | Ornella Minetti, her sons are Marco Meoli and Donato Meoli. Dad is Pellegrino Meoli. They started making their own wine in 2013. They vinifed 50 quintals in 2015

Staff | Oen who helps is Gennaro Reale.

Vineyards | Greco di Tufo: 
2.5ha of vines in Tufo (450m), Santa Paolina (550m), and Petruro (400m). Townships near each other.

White wines

Greco di Tufo DOCG

Red wines

Aglianico Irpinia

Taurasi DOCG2013 Debut. 5,900 bottles. Nice and clean, crisp, but of sulfur. On the shelf 8-10 euros.
2014 In vat: will be bottled in August. Nice and zippy, bit simple. Decent, well weighted. Decent length at a tasting in Taurasi on 11th June 2015.

Minetti Ornella