Mayolet is a red wine grape native to Italy. It is native to the Valle d’Aosta where it is one of the region’s oldest known cultivars. In the Valle d’Aosta it grows on both sides of the Dora Baltea River, from Saint-Vincent to Avise (but especially from Nus to Arvier), up to eight hundred meters above sea level. The monovarietal wines are DOC Valle d’Aosta Mayolet; the variety is a bit player in the Torrette blend. Monovarietal Mayolet wine is exceptional and completely different from the fuller-bodied Torrette.

Viticulture: Medium to small bunches, small berries, vigorous, with good productivity but if the bunch is too compact botrytis is a risk, the skin being very thin.

Wine style: Light to medium bodied. Very refined black currant and mountain flower aromas, hints of cinnamon and white pepper.


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