Mas del Perié | Biodynamic estate winery in the Cahors AOC region of South West France

Owner | Mas del Périé has been in the Jouves family for four generations. Currently Fabien Jouvès ( who has also worked in Bordeaux, and Marie-Rose Ortalo.

Vineyards | 2009 18 hectares. | 2012 20 hectares. | 2013 On 8th Feb 2013 Fabien told me his vines were in Trespoux-Rassiels, a commune considered part of ‘Quercy Blanc’, meaning an area of limestone-rich soils, in his case on a plateau. He told me he had 20 hectares of Cahors (95% Cot or Malbec, 5% Merlot), and also purchases certified organic grapes (Cabernet Franc, Jurançon Noir) from a neighbouring vineyard. 

Biodynamics | 2012 Advice from Jacques Mell. Horn manure 500, Horn Silica 501, Maria Thun’s Barrel compost 502-507

Ccertification | 2012 First vintage with full organic and Demeter Biodynamic certification. | 2016 Demeter certified Biodynamic. 

Red wines

Cahors AOC, Les Escures | Les Escures refers to white limestone soils from which this wine comes. | 2007 100% Malbec. Unoaked. Young vines. From vines on a limestone plateau. 10,000 bottles. | 2011 100% Malbec. Plump aat the RAW wine fair 2012.

Cahors AOC, Les Roques | 2007 Older vines than for Les Escures. Limestone, from both white limestone and from darker, more iron-rich limestone soils. Barrel aged. 10,000 bottles.

Cahors AOC, Les Acacias | 100% Malbec from iron-rich limestone (‘calcaire sidérolithique‘). | 2007 Old vine cuvée. Barrel aged. 3,000 bottles.

Cahors AOC, La Pièce | 100% Malbec from iron-rich limestone. Old vines. | 2007 1,000 bottles. One of the most expensive wines in the AC (le Pigeonnier and GC being the others).

Cahors AOC‘Amphore’ | 2015 Fermented in wooden vats. Aged in amphora. 

Vin de France, You Fuck My Wine | Made from Jurançon Noir (see above) which used to go into Fabien’s Cahors until the authorities reminded him it was not authorised under the Cahors AOC’s cahier des charges (rule book). | 2011 Jurançon Noir. Lovely tangerine tang at the RAW wine fair 2012.

Vin de France, Tu Vin Plus aux Soirées | 2011 Cabernet Franc. Very well made at the RAW wine fair 2012.


Mas del Périé

Le Bourg, F-46090 Trespoux-Rassiels (Lot), France

Tel+33 (0)


RAW wine fair 2012, London Monday 21st May.