Malvasia di Schierano, aromatic red grape native to Italy, part of the amorphous Malvasia group of grape varieties. It is deemed to give the most interesting aromatic red wine from the Piemonte (‘Piedmont’) region or north-west Italy.

Viticulture | As Malvasia di Schierano yields irregularly, the production of its wine is rather limited. In fact it is often seen as the most difficult Piemontese red-skinned Malvasia.

Wine styles | Malvasia di Schierano’s aromas are reminiscent of those of Moscatos, showcasing rose petals, strawberries, and small red berries. Both still and lightly fizzy versions exist and both dry and sweet wines are made. Malvasia di Schierano’s best-known iteration is the sweet DOC wine Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC.


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