Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco DOC covers a red or pink wine from seven communes in the north-western part of the Monferrato area of Piedmont (Piemonte), Italy, one of which gives the denomination its name (see list, below).

Wine style: The wine may be either still or sparkling. The wine is made from 85-100% Malvasia di Schierano or Malvasia Nera Lunga and 0-15% Freisa.

Communes (7): Albugnano. | Berzano S. Pietro. | Castelnuovo don Bosco. | Moncucco Torinese. | Passerano Marmorito. | Pino d’Asti.

Terroir: The north-western area of ​​Monferrato, and the entire Piedmontese tertiary basin, on the border with the Turinese hill that has a completely different geological (morenic) origin, has its own specific ampelographic heritage. Among these are the Freisa vine, which later spread to other Piedmontese areas, and two other aromatic red wine grape varieties, namely Malvasia di Schierano and Malvasia Nera. The production area is represented by hills that rise at higher altitudes compared to the rest of the North-Asti area, over 400 metres. The soils rest on Miocene marls (Langhian-Burdigalian) and are light colored, of medium mixture; the slopes are often high and the worst slopes exposed or too steep are occupied by woods, which contribute to mitigate the summer heat.

Production rules: Vines must grow at altitudes above 150 metres. Only vineyards on well drained, sunny, hill sites are permitted. The main soil types permitted are: clay, loam, sand, calcareous. Vine densities must be no lower than 3,300 vines per hectare. Emergency irrigation is permitted. Maximum grape yields for both styles are 11 tonnes per hectare. Yields for vines from a single vineyard (‘vigna’) or named site (‘toponimo’) are 9.5 tonnes per hectare and the vines must be at least 7 years old, and if younger (3-6 years) maximum yields are lower: between 5.7 tonnes for three year old vines and 8.55 tonnes for 6 year old vines. Yields for all styles can be lowered in lesser vintages, or raised in the best ones. Maximum yields of wine for both still and sparkling styles are 7.7hl per hectare. 

Wine production2011 4,220hl. | 2012 62,144hl. | 2013 69,167hl. | 2014 59,097hl. | 2015 52,464hl. | 2016 37,142hl.